How a headshot, corporate portrait can help you

Have you ever imagined the daily life of a recruiter seeing dozens, even hundreds, if not thousands, of candidate profiles for a position on various websites like LinkedIn, Xing, or Indeed?

Can you imagine the casting director reviewing dozens of applications for a role in an advertisement or movie?

Did you notice that all these billboards were put up all over the place during an election campaign?

Have you ever visited a company’s website to get to know it and understand it better?

How do you get this recruiter, this casting director, this future client to focus more on your profile than any other?

You have to convey an emotion to him from the first few seconds, challenge him, arouse his curiosity, let him feel something.

All of this goes through the picture of your profile, your application, or your election billboard, website.

" A picture is worth a thousand words"

And that is precisely the kind of help that a photographer who specializes in headshots, business portraits, and advertising photos can give you

Using our expertise, we will guide and coach you to communicate the emotions related to your goals and to make sure you look like the best in your field.

Are you looking for a job and want to communicate your trust and empathy?

Are you interested in applying for a specific role and would you like the casting director to easily get you into that role?

Is your campaign based on your accessibility, skills, and empathy?

Do you want to communicate your brand and your company’s values ​​through your website?

As a photographer specializing in headshots, application photos, and business portraits, we are by your side to help you achieve your goals throughout the process, not just during the shoot, but before and after.

You now understand why a photoshoot can take several hours: authentic and sincere expression cannot be achieved quickly, and coaching is essential to achieve this goal.

Learn more about headshots by reading the article I wrote on my blog

6 reasons to choose FLP | Photography


Because time is money

But not for us. Sessions can last several hours because we want you to feel comfortable without time pressure



You can bring several of your favorite outfits and we'll take the time to snap pictures with them.



Because we take the time to get to know each other so that we can fully understand your expectations and you feel really comfortable in front of the camera



Because we're going to give you the correct directions so that your photos reflect "confidence and accessibility". We will guide you and highlight your strengths.


Your photos

Because we edit your photos ourself and we took the time to talk about it beforehand.



Because even after our shooting, we am available to answer your questions.

Businessporträt Kaiserslautern von ein Businessfotograf in Kaiserslautern

Olivier T.

Exercises Manager

A coach that makes you feel comfortable.We can see the result live on a screen located nearby and therefore correct what is not right.In the end, superb professional photos !!!!t

Businessporträt Kaiserslautern von ein Businessfotograf in Kaiserslautern

Alex J.


Fred is wonderful. He’s professional and funny. I felt very at ease. He gives great direction. He goes over all your shots with you on a large screen so you can get a better sense of what works. I would highly suggest him for any headshots!t

How does a photo shooting for a CORPORATE portrait work?

Once your decision is made, make an appointment on the website

We work together during the shoot to get the perfect headshots and respect your goals.

We'll sit down and review your photos to choose the ones we'll retouch.

You pay for the photos you choose according to your requirements and budget.

After retouching, you can download your photos from the link we'll email you