360-degree virtual tour - the future is already here


Companies that offer virtual tours can increase their bookings and look-to-book conversion ratios by 16% to 67%.

(TIG Global)


of potential home buyers do some research online before contacting a realtor.



Statistics on 360-degree virtual tours show that 75% of customer decisions are affected by a virtual tour.



of local searches are followed by an on-site trip within a radius of 8 km.

How a 360-degree virtual tour can help you find and retain customers

The past few months have shown again that online presence has become a major economic and marketing topic.
It enables both businesses and individuals to develop their brand (be it personal or business), stand out from the competition, and interact with potential customers, employees, and prospects.
Never in modern history has it been so important to think about your online presence.
Restricting travel and meetings for health or economic reasons has highlighted the importance of digitizing relationships.
Whether you are a real estate agent, restaurateur, hotel owner, or even a business owner, use modern tools to manage your online presence and stand out from the competition while improving your SEO on Google.

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of internet users use google for their searches


Being on the first page of Google increases the likelihood of a visit by 30%


46% of searches are local searches


75% of users don’t go past the first page on Google

How a virtual tour can improve your website's SEO

Adding a 360-degree virtual tour of your business to a page on your website gives your visitors a unique experience.

On top of that experience, adding a virtual tour to your website will make your visitors stay on your website longer. This shows Google that the search result was relevant and therefore allows you to improve the referencing of your website.

Rank higher in Google results means more customers which means more sales, booking, interest!

How a virtual tour can improve the ranking of your Google My Business listing

Don’t have your own website and are wondering how a 360-degree virtual tour from a photographer specialized in virtual tours could help you?

You may already have a Google My Business listing (if not, act immediately!).
Your 360-degree virtual tour photographer can add a virtual tour to your Google My Business listing to improve your ranking in Google search results (you know the first few links that appear at the top of the page ?!).

Few potential customers go beyond the first 5 links to find an answer to their needs, and rare are those who dare to venture onto the second page!

If you want to exist on the internet, you need to appear as high as possible in Google results … that manages 92% of internet searches!

How a virtual tour can encourage visitors to book or buy from my store, hotel, or restaurant

A 360-degree virtual tour is not just a walk into the digital world.

Imagine if the visitor can click on points of interest (POI) during their visit to view images or videos that explain all the benefits of your hotel, restaurant, or even a football stadium or concert hall. (The ability to choose your seat while confirming the view that is offered can really make all the difference.)
Now imagine that in addition to this amazing experience, your visitor can be redirected straight to your company’s booking page!

We can never say enough: the future is already here!

How a virtual tour can set me apart from the competition and help me sell or rent my property.

The statistics mentioned at the top of this page prove this: It is a real added value to add a virtual visit to your real estate agency’s website or to put your property online on websites like Immoscout24 or Immonet. 

By adding a 360-degree virtual tour that not only creates interest in your property, but your potential clients will also get a better idea of ​​the property and can help them choose.

Providing the ability to view a property remotely can also resolve issues with the remote location.

You don’t have to plan a long and sometimes expensive trip to get a clear picture of the property. In addition, this extensive experience enables a real estate agent or an individual to “passively” sell or rent their property while ensuring compliance with sanitary and hygienic measures.

Thanks to the video chat included in our virtual tours, you also have the opportunity to develop your sales pitch “face to face”. Make an appointment with your client on the virtual tour website and start your tour and video chat. Simple – fun – effective!

Have you ever been told that the future is already here?

Trust your photographer specialized in the 360-degree virtual tours.

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FLP Photography supports you in your approach by providing you with its expertise.

Whether it’s an immersive virtual tour highlighting the points of interest you have identified, a virtual tour of your business to include on your Google My Business page and therefore your referencing and positioning in relation to the competition, or a virtual visit in connection with an eLearning module (setting up a form with a question, possible answers and taking into account the score), we are at your side to create real added value for your company (shops, public spaces, University, Businesses) .