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“Excuse my accent … I’m French.”

Something more serious. How did I get into photography in Germany today?

I always had an artistic sense in me. The beauty of a movement, a moment, a relationship, but also a very special attraction for challenges.

The age to enter “real” life

Like many young people my age, I didn’t know which path to go but I knew that I wanted to be helpful, “to serve”. When I was 18, I joined the French Air Force. I discovered a state of mind that suits me perfectly. Mastering challenges, but also mutual help and the feeling of effort.

After 30 years of spending time with a kind of second family, I have consolidated the state of mind of mutual help, solidarity, challenges, but also of listening and understanding. I was also able to discover new countries and new cultures. I have only one regret: I was unable to take my camera with me during my stay in Africa (9 months) or in Bosnia. After all these years I can say that I had a great career. Challenge # 1 done

. ✓

But what about photography then?

I think I had my first SLR in the mid-1990s.
I took photos during a family get-together or of landscapes while on vacation.
With a rather shy character, I have always preferred to care about others before they care about me. I feel much more comfortable listening than talking … especially about myself.

So it’s no wonder to read that my first photographic adventures were in landscape photography. To admire the beauty of nature for a moment fits my character perfectly.

A few years ago I became interested in architectural photography and especially real estate.

Why? Because a good picture highlights the property that the client wants to sell or rent. Again being helpful and serving.
Over the years, people may have forgotten how beautiful and attractive the place where they live can be

For me, the real estate photo lies between the landscape photo and the portrait. The scene is important, as is the staging and lighting.

So I studied the style of real estate photography that enhances a property the most. I loved the style of Californians Nathan Cool and Rich Baum. Their photos really make the property stand out while maintaining a realistic appearance.

As I was perfecting my style, I discovered another area and immediately fell in love with it. The “headshot“.

First I devoured the videos and the book from the subject matter expert: New Yorker Peter Hurley. But was I ready to take up this challenge? To get a good headshot, the subject needs to be comfortable, relaxed, and having a good time, so that the resulting image reflects who it is as authentically as possible.

This requires a lot of listening, dialogue, understanding and observation. Most of these traits fit my character and previous experience. But to communicate? Here was the challenge for me.
As a member of Peter Hurley’s coaching program and a member of the Headshot crew, I was able to acquire the experience and tools necessary to achieve the result my clients are looking for:

A photo that shows your confidence in yourself and your company. Challenge # 2 mastered. ✓

After I have found great love, I am here in Germany, ready with you FOR you, to work together on YOUR projects and to provide you with my knowledge, but also my listening skills, in order to help you at best. You are my next challenge and TOGETHER we will face it. It’s all about you

I’m French and I’m living in Germany … and I have a French accent.